Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Wedding

As mentioned in the previous post (which you probably did not read), I attended another very close friend's wedding in Delhi earlier this month. Now, going to Delhi is always fun and as usual I have stories to tell again. But before I do that, let me recount the 7 most favourite moments from the wedding for posterity -

1. The time the bride refused to remove the rather enormous looking hairdo even after the ceremony was over (and she had changed into her pyjamas!!)..
2. Butter-scotch ice-cream in the middle of the night..
3. The bride looking crest-fallen before the wedding ceremony as 2 bindis fell off her forehead..
4. Running to get kaleera's (for those of you who dont know, in Punjabi weddings the bride is given charms that are tied to her bangles as good wishes from close friends and family) at the last minute..
5. Mehendi..
6. Taking blurry photos (AGAIN), thus making me say to EVERYONE who posed for photos "err.. once more please... this one's a little blurry"...
7. Referring to P's friend by her sisters name, even after being corrected (repeatedly!)..

I also made a new friend in a 2 year old niece of the bride. Now you may think that 2 year olds are annoying and that was my opinion of them too (unless of course its a meeting of a few fleeting moments, in which case I ADORE 2 year olds). But this was a surprisingly mature 2 year old. She was able to understand and not throw a tantrum about why she could not go to the garden and play when a particular ceremony was on. Impressive. I am quite sure I would have thrown myself on the floor and demanded to be taken to the garden, if I was in her place. In fact, I would have held my breath till I was blue and then proceeded to scream my head off (much like what I do nowadays). Not only that, she actually liked me! Ah, finally a mature two-year-old who does not appear to want to sob uncontrollably at the sight of me (as is usual with such small people around me).

My mother also participated in the wedding by reprimanding people into eating the wonderful food at the wedding itself. Thankfully, she also made herself useful by relieving us of our duty of standing guard with the gifts in the room at the back when one particularly exciting bit of the wedding was going on. As we ran out, I was afraid my sari was going to become a part of the carpet by disintegrating and fortunately for me, that never happened. All in all, it was a brilliant wedding with the bride running helter-skelter organising everything and scolding everything into perfection.

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