Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Its a features magazine

I have decided to change this blog from a commentary on the story of my life to an occasional magazine on ramblings that occassionally enter my mind. Bear in mind that as I age, fewer thoughts will enter my mind (as has already started happening) and hence the frequency of posts my fall (as has already happened in fact).

At present I am on a diet and all I can think of is food. Everywhere I go, I notice food. I hear the crunch of chips that I was previously oblivious to 7 cubicles away from me. I find blogs of people who love to cook with recipes I cant try out. Not only that, for some strange reason, our maid took out all the recipe books the other day to clean out the kitchen and they have since been lying in front of the tv, as alternative entertainment! I now read recipe books and drool at the pictures of the invitingly fattening food for entertainment. Yes I know, tis a sad life I lead. I see skinny chicks and wonder what they eat (if anything at all).

The good news is that after 2 months of frustrating exercising which lead to no weight loss, I have finally lost some weight. I have miles to go before I sleep though and dreams of food will probably disturb my sleep anyway so hopefully the loss of sleep will assist in my endeavours to lose weight. Wish me luck and strength to keep this up. I assure you that I am not starving myself although I am eating only salad or soup for dinner almost everyday which among some communities may be referred to as starving oneself!

This is going to a be a year of discipline. 2006 will be etched in my memory as the first year of discipline in my life - discipline with respect to food may not last much longer given my hallucinations of deliciously deep fried food but discipline with respect to spending can already be seen by the fact that I have bought only 3 pairs of shoes this year! Surprising, isnt it? If thats not self-control and discipline, I dont know what is!!

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