Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rain on my Parade

Its raining heavily in the city of Mumbai. Somehow I am braver than I was before about it earlier and am among the few in at work today. This is a fabulous thing because it means I can post in the middle of the day without having anybody find out! Arent you glad its flooded in this city?? I can, in effect, seem like a dedicated worker while blogging at work. Things just could not get better I think.

In the most exciting news of my life - my second soulmate (apart from F) - Re - moved to Mumbai. The joy at this occurrence has known no bounds for me. Of course around her, I am quite restrained and not jumping about in excitement, especially after her boyfriend suggested that I have a crush on her. I certainly dont want him to think he has competition in the form of moi. He would stand no chance, of course, with me around - so my self-restraint is actually a special gift for him. I am sure if he knew, he would drop to his knees and thank me profusely. He is not a profuse sort of chap- but this act would reduce him to it I think.

In other news, soccer appears to have overtaken my life. This, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that it allows me to stay up all night drinking. Nothing at all. Instead of partying, I now insist we go and watch soccer at a pub. Much easier to convince the husband that way. Clever, no? Of course, I know all of three names in the soccer teams and usually root for the guy-with-braided-hair or guy-with-no-neck or guy-with-pony-tail (uh-oh.. was that the entire Argentinian team??)... Its the enthusiasm that counts! I will make no bets, no predictions and discuss none of the finer points of soccer playing especially since I still dont understand the concept of "off-side" fully!! All I will say is - have a drink and enjoy the games!!

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