Monday, March 28, 2005

Maybe not...

I dont know now. I do like writing. Even if it is once a month. It is the only time I am at the workplace and looking like I am working and actually enjoying it!! At ALL other times, I look like I am working and am quite tortured by various clients whose only source of entertainment, it seems, is my misery.

Take for instance, my sweet client (NOT) who believes that since he begins his work day in the afternoon, I must extend my working day to be able to keep him informed about "trends in the industry" till the middle of the night when his little workmen arrive to take calls from irate customers around the world. Lets have a presentation at 10.30 pm he says to me and I am so stupefied by such a ridiculous suggestion for one who starts her work day at 9.30 am that I am unable to react. Quick to notice my disadvantage, the man assumes silence is approval until my brain begins functioning and he is kicked in the nads, pardon my French (in my dreams). In rality though I politely declined his wonderfully inviting offer (NOT).

Have you ever noticed how managers' managers do not take their subordinates word for any information provided, unless its througgh an approved "third party". Here is where we come in.
We make pretty charts and graphs for stuff they already knew and present it to them. We then charge them pretty little sums of money for looking as good as we do. In the whole scheme of things.. you know, life in general.. we add so little value and earn so much for it. Whoever thought of this business was a mastermind I tell you.

Meanwhile, wait for posts on our trip to Sri Lanka. This long weekend that went by, while everyone else went to near-by hill stations or to Goa, we packed our bags and went on a little holiday to Sri Lanka. Imagine that... a foreign vacation for a weekend. Brilliant stuff! I love my life. Go on, you can hate me for it.

Firdaus loved the country so much he has decided to stay another week. I got used to being on holiday with him and now getting used to the routine and not having hima round to get through the day is seeming harder than usual.


On the brink...

... of closing this blog. Its been a whole month since I last posted and primarily because I have nothing to say. Nothing particularly amuses me anymore and if it amuses me, it has the distinct possibility of offending someone. As a result of which I have only reports to give and nothing particularly clever or funny to say anymore... Watch this space for closure.

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