Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Of Intolerance

Brace yourself, this one is going to be a rant.

I cant tolerate it when people around me display more bigotry than I imagined they were capable of. Educated individuals at my workplace will not eat from places where food was cooked by people from a certain faith for fear that it "smells funny". Dude, for saying such a statement aloud, you most definitely smell funny to me. As if this is not enough, moving into a new office has meant that the lack of soundproofing subjects us to prayers via loudspeaker from a certain place of payer. "Thats scary dude..." I was told. I dont know how to react. Should I punch him in the face?

I also cant tolerate smelly people. While I know some people who may actually gag at smelly people around them, its not so bad for me. And yet, I cant tolerate them.

I cant tolerate uptight people. Just relax and chill. Now I know what you are thinking and some of you may even say it to me (But Nidhi, you are such an uptight person yourself!!) and I will tell you to ex-zzziiiiippppit (Dr. Evil style) at that!!

I cant tolerate pompous fools who think they are better than me. And thats simply because the mere thought of such a thing is prepostrous? Non?

And on that really boring note I will end my really boring post. Yawn...


Friday, April 08, 2005

Guest Post

After Nidhi's last happy shiny post about marriage, I thought I would post one that is more grounded in reality.

Yes, I am easy going, but that doesnt mean I dont have my off days, my grumpy days and the same for her. So what happens when those days occur? You see a lot of fighting, whining, grumbling, bitching, moaning and general tension in the air...

But you know what? I think thats what makes the relationship stronger. I think if my marriage was saccharine sweet all the time I would have to kill myself.

As someone said...two people who are married are like stones rubbing against each other. After a while, the sharp edges get rubbed off and they get more rounded, more closely fit against each other. And thats the good part. Then you can go and kick other peoples ass together!

Or as this guy said in that movie with Ashton Kutchner..when you see a couple's photos album, you see the couple smiling and laughing and hugging. But behind those Kodak moments are lots of little tiffs and fights. The important thing is to make it from one smiling photo to the next.

And with that, I surrender this blog back to my wife, my best friend...


What changed?

Marriage for me has been a breeze. Its not supposed to be. I am quite sure I am doing something wrong. I am not sure why married life has been so breezy - perhaps it has something to do with my very easy-going husband. Or just my breezy self *throat clearing noises*. But I see others around me "setting up house" as soon as they get married. Conversations tend to drift towards how expensive curtains are, and it appears that people suddenly have a lot of household chores to do that they didnt have earlier. Either that, or they just didnt talk about their chores earlier. This is not to say I did not "set up house". I did so put up a few paintings at our place when we got married!

I have therefore lately been wondering if I did something wrong. Why is it seeming like life didnt change much other than the fact that I am sharing everything with the my most favourite boy on the planet now? Am I not supposed to be getting upset about the fact that my maid has not cleaned the dishes properly? (Who cares really... she can clean them better tomorrow I say and keep them in the sink again.) Am I not supposed to wake up every morning and make breakfast for my husband? I tried that- really I did, but I am not a morning person. Waking up and getting myself to work is a task in itself... breakfast to door ki baat hai.

As for cooking - I think I cooked more when I was single!! Who needs to cook when Dominos is right across the road, and there is a Pastry shop in the building!! Fatty foods, here we come! Not to mention the fact that we have stocked up on cold meats and bread and cheese and gorge on toasted sandwiches every chance we get!! Go fatty foods! Woohoo!

Life is just perfect in fact. Minimum effort and maximum joy! I go to work and back with the boy and if I land the job I have been eyeing lately I may be working soon just across the road from home (near Dominos and across the road from the pastry shop)... The best part is that I dont have to worry about my mother hearing Firdaus in the background on the phone now, I dont have to coordinate to meet my boy - others have to coordinate to meet us! Hee haa haa!! As McDonalds would say - I'm loving it!

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