Sunday, February 29, 2004

The theory of strange voices

Have you ever noticed how strange voices belong to really stupid people? For instance, if you get a call from a strange (read ugly) voice requesting you to meet them because they are Head HR of a company- here's what it probably is:

1. A friend of yours is pulling a fast one on you
2. The guy has recd your resume but has no clue why he has got it and wants to see you before he decides what to do with you.

Thats exactly what happened to me on Saturday. Here are the events as they happened. Strangely female sounding voice claims to be Srinivas - head hr of a company that already made an offer to me which I had rejected (because I was too cool to accept it). So there I am thinking, maybe they want to renegotiate and get dressed in formals for the renegotiation only to find that the man has no clue that I have been interviewed previously. What a ditz!! His voice should have given it away to me actually. But I really didnt take this theory of mine very seriously until Saturday.

If I was to consider the cause of such ditziness, I would say its the voice. People with grating voices like that tend to feel under-confident and therefore not use their brains for fear of being unable to use them efficiently. As a result, the ditz is born. Ta-da! And hence, my theory!


Friday, February 27, 2004

My first blog. Feels a little strange. Last time I wrote a journal, I was 12 I think. Maybe younger.. who knows. 12 years later, here I am- writing another journal. This time I think I have progressed and feel a little more grown up about it because its on the net. I am afraid my blogging will not be "up to the mark". All the blogs I have read till now have absorbed my interest so completely in the most mundane details of life everyday.... I dont think I will be able to capture that sense of joy in my writing.

The brighter side of my life - I live in the wonderful city of Bangalore like a queen. I have the most adorable boyfriend in the whole world. I have the most darling bunch of friends in various cities. The not to bright thing is I want to get into marketing and there seems to be no way I can do that because of my HR background. I cant take too much of a pay cut to get into the field of my choice because of the stupid education loan. Serves me right for deciding to do my MBA at a school that costs 2.5 my current annual salary.

Should I quit without another job in hand? I dont know.. I contemplate it every now and then... and then its time to get back to work and stop contemplating stuff. So I forget...

I guess I should end now. This has been a long blog- its been fun.

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