Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New levels

My annoyance with service providers in general has reached new levels. Levels that I did not know could be reached by a single human being. And really, I dont think I can blame the service provider this time. We dont need for them to know this, but this time I my ignorance did me in. All is fair in love and sales I say. And I suppose my ignorance was only fair game.

Thankfully my severe lack of a bank balance have led to a mitigation of losses, so to speak. So now instead of losing a few tens of thousands on an investment that was clearly meant for clueless fools like me, I will be losing not that many tens of thousands. Phew! What a relief right? Not!

But perhaps this is not such a bad thing. If I wait a full 15 years, I may actually get a return on the money that I have, without fear. handed over to a bunch of apparent buffoons, thus acting very much like an idiotic buffoon myself. It reminds of the dodos who killed themselves in that move - ice age - where they ran around like, well, dodos, in order to save themselves from the end of the world and instead ended themselves well before any danger came near them. I ran around like one of those dodos wondering where to "invest" and ended up killing myself in the process. Yes, that sounds about right.

And for those of you who have better gramatical skills than me, please help me with the commas. Where should they appear? Here, like so? Or, here? Or nowhere?

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