Saturday, November 12, 2005


Over the Diwali weekend, we were off to Goa. This clearly is an unusual practice judging by the number of "Really??-You-went-to-Goa-for-Diwali?"-reactions I got from people. Its like Christmas for us - Diwali. You HAVE to spend it with family. I guess my husband IS my family now so in effect I did have a traditional Diwali. Not only that, on this beautiful and unspoiled beach we even had some clearly psychotic caucasian travellers of undetermined origin who were walking into the water to deliver some extremely-toxic-yet-pretty (isnt that ALWAYS the case though - like with toxic waste sent to third world countries and Nu-killer power plants?) lamps. So in the darkness one could see sweet lamps (threatening the end of the world) floating in what appeared to be mid-air, but was actually the sea.

Of course, we noticed that in the event of a tsunami NONE of us would survive. The beach was populated with thatched roof stilted shacks. This housing would not survive a hearty gust of wind, let alone a tsunami. Comforting thoughts these were...

We went to a beautiful beach with a whole bunch of friends and some annoying people pretending to be our friends for the time being. On this beautiful beach, we watched the sea behave in a very calm fashion which induced us in turn to be much calmer than usual ourselves. We did not mind the fact that our room had the fan located just next to the door, so that all incoming traffic could feel the relief from the heat except us! We also did not mind the fact that we had the shower was located directly above the pot, which meant we had to stand on the pot to shower in a precarious dance of sorts ever morning and evening. We also did not mind (and in fact enjoyed thoroughly) the dogs barking at the cows (yes, thats right, COWS and DOGS also roamed this beach freely - very much like the rest of our cities in fact! This was an interesting phenomenon to watch - the dogs barking wildly at the cows who calmly watched the sea unperturbed by the frantic leaping around of said dogs around them.

What we DID mind however was the fact that our holiday came to an end when it did. And more than that I was upset about the fact that I had to wake up very very very early in the morning (4.30 am is still the dead of the night as far as I am concerned and not early morning) to catch the darn flight...

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