Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whatever Monthly

I am seriously considering changing the name of this blog from Whatevery Things to Whatever Monthly Things. Lets take a poll on this. Tell me what you think my lovely readers (not you Ma).

In my defence, all I can say is I have been busy. I had a surprise birthday party thrown for me which was just fabulous. So many people and so much alcohol (I think there was some food there as well) is always a good combination. The especially excellent part of the party was that everyone felt obliged to bring me a gift and hence many gifts were collected (the gifts of wine being consumed upon entering the home itself). Many glasses were broken and, in sheer frustration, it appears, our neighbour tried to get our attention by whacking our balcony by reaching across from his with a long wooden stick (probably a branch of a tree). We were informed of this only the day after when one of our friends mentioned a vague memory of being hit by a stick while he stood out to smoke.

The exciting thing about the surprise party was that it was more surprising for the guests to have me open the door for them in an increasingly flamboyant (and loud) fashion as the evening (and alcohol) wore on, screaming as the door opened - "SURPRISE!! I KNOW!!". My poor husband and Re felt awful that I was getting increasingly depressed at the idea of having nothing to do on my birthday. So while I was complaining that I was getting late at work (even my boss was roped into the whole act) and that I had no reason to complain about it since I didnt have anything to do on my birthday anyway... F felt awful and decided to tell me to get home immediately. Besides, they needed all the help they good get since they had called all 45 people we knew in the city (and some that we didnt)!

Photos of the madness can be seen here.

Thanks to F and Re for just being the best friends anyone can ask for!

I have also been tagged for a Meme and that shall be my next post.

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