Thursday, May 04, 2006

Je Suis Desolee

I tried the whole knowing of the 1st line of the songs on my ipod recently when its on shuffle and it turns out I suck at knowing lyrics. Madonna helped me with little openers like the one that forms the title for this post. Of course, its hard to tell why she is apologising while making such awesome music (can you tell i WORSHIP her?).

Actually I also wanted to mention that during a recent conversation with respect to job prospects at a particular organisation I realised I was perhaps less interesting than I think of myself. I think quite highly of myself and sometimes fascinate myself so much that I dont feel the need for any company whatsoever!! When asked if I had energy, all I wanted to tell them is that I have the energy to haul my arse back home everyday and curl up in bed and sleep (and sometimes stay up to watch Sex and the City)! Is that not enough I say? Sounds like an exhausting lifestyle, doesnt it?

I am bored, BORED, bored... and as I wait here for my friend to finish her work and prepare to go the gym where everyone (including the trainers) are waiting to do their point-and-laugh thing at me for going there percisely once a week!! More on exciting stories from there coming up...

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