Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I was recently informed that mine is a chiclet blog- something you chew on but cant digest if you swallow. Something you need to spit out at the end of a read. While initially I was going to protest (and wildly at that) I decided that perhaps I need to introspect on that. Perhaps it was my 7th martini at the time, but I just felt too relaxed to wave wildly and refute such accusations. Mine is not a serious blog- I dont write about news, politics, football or even review movies. Mine is a blog about whatever strikes my mind at a particular point of time. Quite often it is stuff like -

1. Who thought of the word chiclet?
2. How did it become popular - this chewing of stuff and then throwing it out in case it created a mass of goo in your tummy?

Clearly, mine is no intellectual blog. Dammit! But this revelation has made me realise that writing for me therefore must not require as much effort as I have been thinking lately it does require. Its all about being bored and not having much else to do. Somewhat like that time I purchased a guitar when I had no clue about playing and it lies there collecting dust now. Let the party begin I say... I assure you I shall be more regular from now... watch this space (in case you are watching it at all).

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