Friday, August 26, 2005


You represent the color blue.
You are red. Living life to the fullest is
important to you, and you aren't afraid to take
risks. Crazy adventures are exciting to you,
and yoou love to meet new people. You love to
party and flirt, and you have a decent amount
of friends because of your personality.

What Color Do You Represent?
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

High Potential

I think I have the potential to be a real pain. And its not because all the clients I deal with actually demonstrate their pain-worthiness repeatedly, its just that sometimes I can feel the pain my clients go through... and feel happy about it!

My company has a programme for such high-potential people... high potential to be awesomely cool in the system and not painful jack-asses like the rest of us! They get to go on a training programme, which to my mind is a tad ridiculous. They have the potential - you think so, they most definitely think so, so why not celebrate the very realisation? Why not send them on a pardeee to the Bahamas instead of a training programme to China? I would think there should be certain criteria for everyone to realise you are a hi-po-

1. Superior ass-licking skills
2. Flexibility in vacation programmes (cancelling vacation plans is a big to-do among my geeky friends in the elite community of hippos.. oops! Did I just say that?)
3. Supreme lack of other-things-to-do

For all this, I should think they deserve a break. Give them a party I say! Let them leave their laptops behind for a moment... or just let them take a day off I say!

While I ponder these very profuound questions, I realise the reason for my not being one of the people training to have even higher potential than I already have - my super-coolness for such things. My potential is so high, its not something that people can even see... I cant blame them for their short-sightedness about the whole thing. Although I am not terribly sad I did not attend a hectic training programme in China with some not so exciting food and not much to do in the evenings other than homework, I do feel its time I lowered my potential levels to a place where people can notice them, what say?

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