Thursday, October 27, 2005

Monday Club

Mumbai has a Friday Club it seems. I was informed that of it a while back and always wondered how I could be a part of this elite cool group. All my life I have always been excluded from the cool social / peer groups and instead been included in the anti-establishment (read sour-grapes-like) social / peer groups.

In school, there were people in Theatre clubs, Hostel clubs, Day-Scholar clubs and I was in the Editorial club. Not really anti-establishment really but it was not mainstream or cool either. Then came college and I thought I would have it easy this time. I had learnt my lesson from school. And yet, when Prom Night came along, there were those with dates at the party and those without dates in the Kela (Banana) Club. You can guess which group I was in.

Then came work and this time I was determined to be cooler than previously. Clearly the Friday Club would have been a good beginning but I never managed to make it. The cool people in the club appeared to be a tad too obnoxious. And in an effort to alleviate the boredom and sheer depression of Mondays, I decided after a Monday night of drunken pool and darts at a bar followed by teen patti that we shall found a club. The Monday Club was therefore formed. In the two Mondays that we have gathered, the following rules have been instituted under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol (bee to be precise):

  • Beers MUST be had!
  • New members will be subjected to a very predictable interview which will begin with introductions and a quick test of memory by asking new members to repeat all names. Forgetting names will not be held against anyone, but will generally provide amusement to the rest of us. We are sadistic that way.
  • Missing the dart board by miles is completely acceptable and in fact, preferred in most cases.
  • Running to the dart board, however, with your dart is only allowed for 3 founding members.
  • Missing 2 Mondays means automatic expulsion from the group. You can cry but you will not be allowed back into the hallowed circle anymore... hmph!
  • Monday before Diwali is our day off!
  • Please treat these rules seriously, or I will have to drink many more beers in the sheer depression of the mockery.
We have also given founding members titles such as Treasurer, Secretary, Security Council (with veto power) and President (yours truly). How cool is that huh? Huh?

And before you can say it - I will tell you myself that I am very very bored and this is truly one of the most exciting things in my life at present. I suspect most members will soon start wondering why the whole week is seeming like a hangover and figure out the linkage between all that beer they have on Monday nights and the hangover-like feeling that persists through the week. This will make them more susceptible to miss Monday nights and soon the world will come to an end.

Until then, bring on the party I say!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Its been a while I know. The 3 readers I had have probably stopped checking if I am alive even. Well I am. Deal with it. I have been so busy with work that I have not had the time to breathe. But in the while I was away, the following events have taken place in my life:

  1. I lost weight over the last 2 months and have rapidly put it back on just before I wrote this blog (like in the last 5 minutes)
  2. One of my friends decided to get married. Now I know this is not an event in MY life specifically and must therefore not be added here, but really, must we be so technical about things?
  3. Anyway, how this affects me is that now I have 3 weddings to attend in the next 4 months.
  4. And while I wrote this, another friend of mine called to invite me for his wedding taking the toll upto 4 weddings in 4 months. Am I popular or what?
  5. I won at teen-patti for a change. Of course, I only won some 50 rupees, but it was worth it I say.
  6. I made a severely career limiting move by rebuking my boss at the said cards party (where I won 50 rupees mentioned in point 5 above) for being annoying. Not only that I handed him his 45 rupees change and all when he got exceptionally annoying.
  7. I went to a beauty salon of my own free will in Mumbai and (I hate to admit this) actually enjoyed it! They asked me for tea and instantly won my approval and patronage for a lifetime.
  8. I started driving exceptionally well (if I may say so myself) and got 2 stop-sign jumping tickets to prove it as well.
  9. I started controlling my temper and the lack fo a third ticket is proof of the same.
  10. I initiated a Monday night club, details of which will be shared in another post shortly.
  11. I got a raise - woohoo!
  12. I made new friends - yeehaw!

All in all, a reasonably eventful and happy absence from the world of blogs. But I am back, so watch this space now.. please?

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